Apocalypse Depot


Nuclear Fallout Protection

Naturally, one of the first things to occur in a robot uprising will be the hacking and use of our nuclear weapons against us. For this, we recommend digging your own fallout shelter early -- there may not be much time after the first sentient AI comes online. We also sell inexpensive radiation detection, anti-radiation tablets, and manuals for helping you understand radiation better.


Robots will undoubtedly be armed with lasers, because lasers are both cool and intimidating. But they are easily thwarted: light, whether focused into a tight beam or not, can be reflected by a simple mirror. Simple laser pointers are also recommended for helping to disguise oneself if ever attempting to infiltrate the robots' ranks.

Food storage

The most crucial supply you can stockpile is food. Robots don't need it, but they know we do. Destroying America's breadbasket will surely be another tactic used by our foul electronic creations. Also great for bartering!


Wheat grinders are necessary in order to make full use of wheat storage; we only carry manually operated grinders because of the assumption that electricity will be unavailable. Make sure you own sparking firestarters; we also include plain matches and waterproof matches for easier firestarting.