Apocalypse Depot


Body Armor

Current armor choices are limited to bulletproof vests, which still leave your arms and legs unprotected! Remember it is dangerous to engage any zombie when unprotected, and should be considered as an absolute last resort!


Because of the difficulty in selling firearms online, this store will only be able to sell melee weapons, such as crowbars. Shotguns, given adequate ammunition, make for a much better choice in close-quarters combat. The best choice, naturally, is to engage only from a distance with a high-powered rifle.

Food storage

The most crucial supply you can stockpile is food, and is valuable for more than just a zombie apocalypse. Hole up and survive on your own store of rations (enough for you and your family for 90 days is a recommended minimum), and you won't need to forage in the dangerous world that's left after the zombies rise. Also great for bartering!

Cooking & Survival

Wheat grinders are necessary in order to make full use of wheat storage; we only carry manually operated grinders because of the assumption that electricity will be unavailable. Make sure you own sparking firestarters; we also include plain matches and waterproof matches for easier firestarting.